About Us

16 Years Caring About You

Our mission is to provide patient-centered, high quality, cost effective and comprehensive analytical clinical laboratory services to the region.

We aim to contribute to the field of clinical laboratory science through the use of the latest technologies and validated instrumentation and methodology within our practice.

We are committed to:

  • Establish and maintain professional image through consultation, test interpretation, and skilled performance;
  • Establish an exemplary quality assurance program and seeking international accreditation for quality;
  • Endeavor to maintain professional identity while achieving operational efficiency in the management of the Laboratory and in the practice of laboratory medicine.

Insurance Companies:

AyaLab Medical Diagnostic Center is a certified by the Lebanese Ministry of Health and National Social Services Fund, and has contracts with the Lebanese Security Forces and the majority of insurance companies, like GlobeMed, Bankers, NextCare, Cumberland, Arope, and others.


Our prices are according to the approved prices of the Ministry of health and the National Social Services Fund.

Special Services:

  1. Draw blood service from homes
  2. Electronic services: sending results via e-mail to patients and physicians.